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RMMC website will continue updates in 2024.  If you have suggestions or information we may need, please e-mail webmaster@mustangers.com

News 7/1/2024

Posted the July release of the Mustangers Newsletter

News 5/31/2024

Posted the June release of the Mustangers Newsletter!

News 4/30/2024

Posted the May release of the Mustangers Newsletter!

News 4/1/2024

Posted the April release of the Mustangers Newsletter

News 3/2020/2024

Posted info on a new event in April for 25 club members to take a guided tour of the Penrose Heritage Museum / Pikes Peak Hill Climb Museum & their Carriage Museum. 

Promote the Ford Mustang through social events and camaraderie. ​

How We Have Fun

Promote the Ford Mustang by participating in car shows, racing events, and cruises.

What We Do

The Facebook group is discoverable by the public, with all posts moderated.  We will maintain this to provide information to the public, and assist new members on joining the club, with locations of events, contacts, etc.  The original group was renamed and will continue to share posts internal to club members.


Rocky Mountain Mustangers : The Ford Mustang Club of Colorado Springs, CO

Recent Events

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